The Project

GPRA Project is the title of this research initiative. The project was started back in 2008 and has since been evolving. The GPRA acronym originally stood for the “General Principles of Reality Alpha”, but more recently the word “Alpha” has been substituted with “Architecture” which is more meaningful.


The project’s mission is to decipher all aspects of reality in the ultimate pursuit of actual truth.  The project’s modus operandi is to determine obvious and ambiguous truths, to explore them, link them, test them through critical analysis with empirical experiments and data from every conceivable and inconceivable angle to determine if they are truly thorough and complete. The project is to determine if interpretations and definitions can be defined differently from different perspectives and to re-construct a truer reality model based on this re-examination. To continually re-examine any new model for correctness, to make it continually better, simple and avoid complexity at all cost even though complexity maybe needed as part of the research process to derive simplified models.

Physics Project Goal

The project’s current physics goal is to explore similarities between macroscopic and quantum cosmologies, between star and atomic systems, through scale and fractal analysis. The conclusion of the analysis is to formulate a hypothetical model based on ambiguities between the two cosmological scales, compare any new theoretical model with known data, determine where the data fits, refining the model where it does not, apply versioning and ultimately rewrite and unite physics into the most simplistic model possible. This project must result in computerizing a virtual environment of this model.

Historical Project Goal

The project’s current history goal is to explore similarities between numerous myths, religions and historical interpretations linking them back to a possible common source.