Common Myth & History

What if what we thought, and held most dear, about the foundations of myth and history was wrong? This work explores Norse mythology linked to ancient Mesopotamia and rattles current interpretations and beliefs.

Norse Mythology Rooted in Ancient Mesopotamia: Common Ancient Mythological Pantheon
& History Theory Initial Specifications (GPRA:CAMPH:NMRAM)
(This book has also been archived at Library and Archives Canada (LAC))

product_thumbnailHere the initial specifications of a common, historical and mythological based, ancient pantheon is presented through the merging of popular ancient myths and religions with contemporary historical research. This merging of myth through the utilization of etymology, phonology, the genealogical record, the historical record, and regional landmarks, attempts to construct a common story in theme, from which it is hypothesized to represent actual historical events, places, things and people. Initial evidence is presented to aide in constructing a common source of supposedly independent ancient stories. The central premise of this work starts with the hypothesis that Norse mythology is directly connected to ancient Assyria. It is suggested that Norse mythology is a highly preserved generational translation of people and places that actually existed. With a fairly high level of confidence, the primary nine worlds of Norse mythology are believed to have been found in and around the ancient Middle East.

This work brings many myths down to Earth giving them a previously unknown plausible reality while keeping them still fantastical.

Was Thor real? Yes I believe he was very real.
Who was Loki really?
Where is Asgard located?
Where is Yggdrasil located?
Who were the Vikings?
What really happened to the gods?
What really were the Nephilim?

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Comparative Mythology
  • Common Pantheon
  • Theory of God
  • Mythological Norse Cosmology
  • Vikings: The Lost Ancient Assyrian Expedition?
  • Genealogical Trace: Terrestrial Aliens
  • Common Elements
    • Most Ancient One
    • Oldest Highest God
    • Older Disposed God
    • Ruling Group
    • Earth
    • Supreme Ruler
    • Older Supreme Ruler
    • Underworld Ruler
    • Creator of Man and Defiant Rebel
    • Wife of a Supreme Ruler
    • Ruler of Law
    • Supreme Ruler’s Son
    • Powerful Lightening Weapon
    • Powerful Flaming Sword Weapon
    • Powerful Spear Weapon
    • Warrior/Ruler of Southern Hot Lands
    • Cold North and its Giants
    • Enemies of the Winning Ruling Class
    • Place of Exile and Prison
    • Human Great Flood Survivors
    • Demise of the Ancient Gods
    • The Beast
    • The Dragon
    • Common Architecture
    • Land of Giants
    • The City
    • The Garden and Tree of Life
    • Land of the Rulers
    • Land of the Wise
    • Land of the Elves
    • Land of the Black Elves
    • Land of Man
    • Land of Dwarves
    • Modern National Connection
    • Land of the Surviving Rulers
    • The Last of the Gods
  • Who Were The Nephilim?
  • Who Are The Jotun?
  • Who is YHWH?
  • Places
    • Related to Jotunheimr
    • Related to Aesir Gods
    • Related to Greeks Gods
  • Ginnungagap & The Great Flood
  • Garden of Eden, Yggdrasil
  • The Ragnarok, Death of the Gods
  • Were the Norse Gods Real?
  • Ancient Humanoids
  • Conclusion, Historical Reconstruction
  • Chronology
  • Research Notes
  • References