Vikings and Norse Mythology Linked to Ancient Mesopotamia

I wrote an insightful short book on Norse myth and ancient Mesopotamia back in July 2014, and then archived/shelved it thinking it was complete “enough” so I could enjoy the Summer and focus on other things, but I ended up continuing until this year. I finished the updated version of my book (version 2 technically). I believe it will definitely interest some people. Any Lord of the Rings fans? Any Norse mythology fans?

Link to Norse Mythology Rooted in Ancient Mesopotamia

This work brings many myths down to Earth giving them a previously unknown plausible reality while keeping them still fantastical.

Was Thor real?
Who was Loki really?
Where is Asgard located?
Where is Yggdrasil located?
Who were the Vikings?
What really happened to the gods?
What really were the Nephilim?

Researching and writing this was very enlightening for me personally. I didn’t start it as a serious work, more of a leisurely pastime exploring something that had been on my mind for awhile, one of those hunches, but in the end it became something rather compelling and serious for me as the dots started connecting.

The way I see it, of the sciences, physics is perhaps the most fundamental, which is why it intrigues me beyond measure, but there are other fundamental aspects of human existence that lay somewhat outside the natural sciences, like our history. This is why history interests me. Undeniably, the application of science in history research is paramount, but precarious when it comes to historical context and interpretation. This requires we continually question our assumed factual beliefs, that we “not become enthusiastic for the fact, the knowledge, the absolute truth of the day, but remain always uncertain.” This is what I hope my book helps others to explore given its specific subject matter.